2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals

Know the details about 2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals, Pradosha Vratam 2024 dates, puja muhurthams, 2024 Pradosh Vrat dates timings, and complete guide

A celebration known as Pradosha or Pradosham takes place on the thirteenth day of each and every week, according to the Hindu calendar. It has strong ties to the Hindu religion, namely the worship of the deity Shiva. The worship of Shiva on this day should take place during the fortunate three-hour period that begins 1.5 hours before sunset and ends three hours after it has set. This time is believed to be the most suitable and best. “Pradosha vrata” refers to the fasting vow that is traditionally carried out at this time.” See below to get the details about 2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals

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2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals

Pradosh Vrat Dates 2024:

S.noDatePradosh Vrat
01January 9, 2024Bhauma Pradosha Vrat
02 January 23, 2024Bhauma Pradosha Vrat
03 February 7, 2024Pradosh Vrat
04 February 21, 2024Pradosh Vrat
05 March 8, 2024Pradosh Vrat
06March 22, 2024Pradosh Vrat
07April 6, 2024Shani Pradosh Vrat
08April 21, 2024Pradosh Vrat
09May 5, 2024Pradosh Vrat
10May 20, 2024Soma Pradosh Vrat
11June 4, 2024Bhauma Pradosh Vrat
12June 19, 2024Pradosh Vrat
13July 3, 2024Pradosh Vrat
14July 18, 2024Pradosh Vrat
15August 1, 2024Shani Pradosh Vrat
16August 17, 2024Shani Pradosh Vrat
17September 15, 2024 Pradosh Vrat
18September 29, 2024Pradosh Vrat
19October 15, 2024Bhauma Pradosh Vrat
20October 29, 2024Bhauma Pradosh Vrat
21November 13, 2024Pradosh Vrat
22November 28, 2024Pradosh Vrat
23December 13, 2024Pradosh Vrat
24December 28, 2024Shani Pradosh Vrat

2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals

On the day of pradosha, a sacred ceremony known as pradosha vrata, which is also known as a vow, is performed in line with the custom. During the period known as pradosha, the bull Nandi is revered as an aspect of Shiva at each and every one of the temples dedicated to Shiva that are located in South India. The festival statue of Shiva and his wife Parvati in a seated position on Nandi is carried in a parade throughout the temple compound.

The evening twilight, also known as sandhya kala, is the time of day during which the worship of Pradosha takes place. In order to complete the requirements of the vrata, one must first observe a fast and then keep vigil for a certain number of hours. An offering of devotion is made to the gods Shiva and Parvati, as well as their sons Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Nandi, one hour before sunset.

Following the completion of the rite, one will take a bath. Following this, the name of the god Shiva is spoken out loud. Following the end of the central part of the worship service, the reading of the Pradosha story is performed.

2024 Pradosh Vrat Dates Timings Fasting Rituals

What are the rules and rituals to be followed during Pradosh Vrat?

The first strategy is sticking to a stringent fasting regimen that is carried out over the course of an entire twenty-four-hour period. People have a propensity to sleep with their eyes open the whole night. The second method requires abstaining from food consumption from the moment the sun rises until the moment it sets. The evening is reserved for worshiping Lord Shiva and breaking the fast after a day of abstinence.


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