Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings

Know the details about Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings, Murugan Thirukalyanam 2023 dates, 2023 Murugan Thirukalyanam Tiruchendur dates

The Thiruchendur Murugan Temple is widely regarded as one of the most important and important religious sites in all of South India. As it is situated directly on the seashore in the Tuticorin District, it draws in millions of devotees during the course of the year who come to pay their respects to the in-house god of Lord Murugan, who is the Tamil equivalent of Lord Kartikeya. See below to get the details about Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings

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Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings

It is stated that the legend of Lord Murugan’s first battle, which is also supposed to have been said to have been the cause for his birth, is said to be the genesis of the temple, which has a long history that is both rich and interesting. The followers at the temple celebrate a variety of different holidays over the course of the year in order to provide the god with presents.

The most important and well-attended of these festivals is the Skanda festival, which takes place between the months of October and November and honors the victory in the battle of Thiruchendur. It is one of the very few temples in India that has numerous incarnations and avatars of both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva at the same time. This makes it one of the most unique temples in the country.

The fact that the grounds of the temple are never flooded, not even during a tsunami, despite the fact that they are located just 200 meters from the ocean, is nothing short of a miracle.

Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings

This event, which lasts for seven days and takes place between the months of October and November, celebrates the conquest of the demon king Surapadma by Murugan. During the most important event of the temple, thousands upon tens of thousands of devotees show up.

On the sixth day, the devotees are treated to a performance of Soorasamharam, a traditional dance that depicts the conflict that took place between the two. On day seven, the festivities surrounding the marriage of Murugan and Deivanai take place.

Tiruchendur Temple Thirukalyanam 2023 Dates Timings

At what time Thirukalyanam takes place at Tiruchendur Temple?

On the day of Thirukalyanam, the Tiruchendur Temple starts its day by opening at three in the morning and performing pujas. After that, Deivanai Ambal made his way to the location where he would conduct his ascetic act (also known as tapas) at five in the morning. The main ceremony, which will take place at about 19:30 and include Murugan and Deivanai exchanging garlands, will begin at 17:30.

The wedding of Lord Muruga and Goddess Devasena takes place on the day of the Thirukalyanam. Devotees of Murugan participate in a celebration of this celestial marriage that includes all of the rites that have come before it.

The day of the Thirukalyanam has a number of unique preparations. The Surasamharam takes place the day before, and much like the main festival, it draws in hundreds upon thousands of worshippers.

Lord Muruga is also known as Skanda, Subrahmanya, Kartik, and Kartikeya.

Today, the celebration of Thirukalyanam may be seen taking place at Murugan Temples all over the globe, particularly in South India, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.




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