Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

Know the details about Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals, 2024 Sri Panchami date and puja Muhurat timings, Shri Panchami 2024 date and timings

Saraswati Puja is another name for Sri Panchami. Sri Panchami is a festival celebrated in honor of Goddess Saraswathi, the Hindu Goddess of Learning. The date of Sri Panchami in 2024 is February 14th. In the months of Magh Mahina (January–February), people in the northern and eastern portions of India as well as Nepal celebrate the birthday of the goddess Saraswati, also known as Jayanti. A large number of people celebrate the day as Basant Panchami. See below to get the details about Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

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Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

In certain regions, it is also celebrated on Chaitra Krishna Paksha Panchami, which according to the traditional calendar used in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, falls on April 29, 2024. This date corresponds to the fifth day of the Chaitra month.

The ancient Hindu lunar calendar specifies that the festival of Shri Panchami is to be observed on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha of the Magh month. This time period corresponds to the period of time that is between the months of January and February.

The popular belief that Goddess Saraswati made a physical appearance on that day for the purpose of ensuring the well-being of all people is one of the factors that has led to the persistence of this myth.

Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

People pay homage to the goddess Saraswati on this day by dressing in yellow and donning yellow-colored apparel. Yellow is a hue that is often used to represent the enlightenment that comes from engaging in spiritual practices. In addition, on this day, Hindus wear yellow attire in honor of the sun.

In addition, children of younger ages are given an introduction to the field of education throughout the course of the day that has been designated for that purpose.

It is essential to keep in mind that the festival of Shri Panchami is also celebrated on the fifth day of the waxing phase of the moon during the month of Chaitra (March to April). This date falls between the months of March and April.

Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

Importance of Shri Panchami:

People worship the goddess Saraswati in the hopes of gaining enlightenment via knowledge and overcoming sluggishness, ignorance, and lethargy in their lives. One of the most well-known practices associated with the holiday of Vasant Panchami is known as Akshar-Abhyasam, sometimes referred to as Vidya-Arambham or Praasana.

This ceremony gives youngsters their first taste of formal instruction. Pujas are performed in the early morning hours at schools and colleges in order to ask the Goddess for her grace. The beginning of spring may be sensed in the air at Basant Panchmi, which coincides with the season’s transition from winter to spring.

The trees are getting new leaves and blooms, signaling the beginning of a fresh cycle of life and hope. The color “yellow,” which represents the maturation of many fruits and crops, predominates throughout this celebration. During this time of year, the mustard fields in Northern India come into bloom, giving the natural world a yellowish hue.

Sri Panchami 2024 Date Timings Puja Rituals

People decorate themselves with yellow tilaks made from turmeric and also wear yellow clothing. Yellow flowers are also offered to the goddess. They go to several temples in order to worship the many deities there. The celebration calls for the acquisition of brand-new garments in addition to the cooking of a great deal of delectable food to mark the event.

Another significant springtime event on the Hindu calendar, Holi, the festival of colors, is also signaled to have arrived by the celebration of Vasant Panchami.

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