Makaravilakku 2023 Sabarimala Jyothi Darshanam Date And Timings

Know the details about Sabarimala Jyoti Darshan and also Makaravilakku 2023 Sabarimala Jyothi Darshanam Date And Timings, And Darshan Details here.

What is Makaravilakku?

Makaravilakku is the sacred lamp that appears in the Sabarimala Hills near Sabarimala Ayyapa Swamy Temple in Kerala. Makaravilakku/Jyothi Darshan is considered a very sacred thing by the devotees of Lord Ayyapa Swamy. Lakhs of people visit the Sabarimala temple during the time of Makravillaku to see the sacred lamp that appears as gods representative on the hills of Sabarimala inĀ  Kerala. Sabarimala Temple has a special rule like entry only for gents. Female devotees are not allowed inside the temple of Sabarimala. A strict dress code is followed in Sabarimala temple.

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Makaravilakku 2023 Sabarimala Jyothi Darshanam Date And Timings

In the year 2023 Makaravilakku Jyoti Darshan will be on 14 January 2023. Mostly Jyothi darshan will be in the evening times between 5.30 PM to 7.30 PM.

Sabarimala Jyothi Darshan:

  • Sabarimala Temple is one of the most sacred abodes of Lord Ayyapa Swamy. Sabarimala Ayyapa Swamy temple is located in Kerala. Ayyapa Swamy temple in Sabarimala situated on Sabarimala Hills is one of the most famous and one of the most heavily crowded temples in South India. Devotees from South India and also from some parts of North India visit the temple regularly.
  • The temple of Sabarimala Ayyapa Swamy is open only for a few days during some main festivals and there will be a heavy crowd in the temple during the time of Makara Sankranthi as the sacred Makara Jyothi appears in the hills of Sabarimala. Lakhs of people visit Sabarimala Temple during the days of Sankranthi and seek the blessings of the Main deity Lord Ayyapa Swamy.
  • Devotees of Lord Ayyapa Swamy wear Ayyapa Mala and do special prayers to Lord Ayyapa. Devotees perform Ayyapa Mala Puja for a period of time and after completion of some days of Mandala Puja devotees visit Sabarimala temple to offer Irumudi to Lord Ayyapa Swamy.




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