Dhanurmasa Thiruppavai Pasuram in Telugu Lyrics Chant

Know the details about Dhanurmasa Thiruppavai Pasuram in Telugu Lyrics Chant, Thiruppavai Pasuram in Telugu, and Thiruppavai lyrics in Telugu PDF.

Dhanurmasam/What is Importance Of Dhanurmasam?

Dhanurmasam is one of the most important and also very auspicious months for the devotees of Lord Vishnu. All the temples of Lord Vishnu will be filled with devotees in the month of Dhanurmasam. Dhanurmasam pujas and rituals will be followed and practiced mostly in the southern states of India. Dhanurmasam dates will be fixed as per the Telugu calendar and followed by all the temples of Lord Vishnu in South India.

Dhanurmasam is also famous for doing various good deeds in the name of god. Occasions like marriage and others are usually avoided in the month of Dhanurmasam. According to the Georgian calendar, Dhanurmasam will be usually observed in the month of December-January. Dhanurmasam is full of rituals and practices which are strictly followed by the devotees who believe in it.

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Dhanurmasa Thiruppavai Pasuram in Telugu Lyrics Chant

In Dhanurmasam people get up early in the morning and take a bath. After that, there is a practice of visiting any temple of Lord Vishnu. People worship Lord Vishnu and offer special prayers in the temple near the main deity. One of the important prayers that are recited during the Dhanurmasam is Thiruppavai Pasuralu. Thiruppavai Pasuralu is the Tamil Version of Praising the Lord Vishnu. Dhanurmasam is celebrated with a special interest in Tamil Nadu. In every temple of Lord Vishnu Thiruppavai, Pasuralu is recited before the main deity of the temple Lord Vishnu and special pujas are performed.

People can do Dhanurmasam Pujas even in their houses by keeping the idols or photos of Lord Vishnu and can perform all the pujas that are performed in the temple. In Dhanurmasam Puja will be completed in the early hours before sunrise. After Puja Naivedhyam will be offered to the main deity. After Puja prasadm will be taken by the devotees.

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